NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch is all over the airwaves these days. But before she was the official face of the NRA, recording ominous ads that imply a need for violence against liberals, Loesch was a fiery pro-gun radio host.

In 2013, her over-the-top rhetoric caught the attention of Colorado’s hardline second amendment advocates, who hired her to headline a rally opposing Colorado’s new gun laws. Those laws, still in force today, require private sale background checks and limiting removable magazines to fifteen rounds.

Loesch’s appearance at the gun rally was notable for two reasons. First, she arrived in theatrical style via helicopter.

Secondly, she decided to parody our nation’s most famous unifying speech by our nation’s most famous civil rights leader, turning it into a snide, defiant pro-gun rant.

Raw Story reported on Loesch’s appearance at that Colorado rally because of her jaw-droppingly offensive public speech. The report included video of her transforming Martin Luther King’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech into a gun rights punchline. That video is no longer viewable on the Raw Story post itself. So here it is, reposted for posterity’s sake.

“On my way here this morning flying in from St. Louis, I thought of a civil rights leader,” Loesch said at the rally in Colorado. “He made a very impassioned speech, a historic speech, in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. I too have a dream. I have a dream that one day we as law-abiding, God-fearing, America-loving, Second Amendment-exercising gun owners will be judged on the strength of our character and not the content of our magazines!”

The speech was also covered by Colorado Times Recorder blogger Jason Salzman, then writing for the Huffington Post. He also noted the blatantly offensive nature of Loesch’s speech.

“Invoking King like Loesch did is gross at face value (see video), but needless to say, the fact that King was gunned down obviously makes matters worse.”