UPDATE: In startling caucus results posted this weekend by the Adams County Republican Party, both U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman and Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman were rejected by Adams County GOP voters.

The suburban Denver Republican committee, which held both in-person and online votes, called “straw polls,” selected Mike Coffman’s primary challenger, Roger Edwards, by 51 to 49 percent, in combined (and “weighted”) in-person and online votes. In in-person voting held Tuesday, Edwards defeated Coffman by 69 to 31 percent; online, Coffman defeated Edwards by a 67 to 33 margin.

In gubernatorial voting, former Colorado Trump Campaign Co-Chair Steve Barlock won the combined online and in-person voting with 33 percent of the vote, followed by Treasurer Walker Stapleton’s 23 and Greg Lopez’s 16. Cynthia Coffman received 5 percent.

The in-person tally showed 33 percent for Barlock, 25 for Stapleton, 19 for Lopez, and four for Coffman. Online: 27 percent for Barlock, 27 for Lopez, 15 for businessman Victor Mitchell, 12 for Coffman, and four for Stapleton.

“Donald Trump is doing well, and people are excited,” said Barlock. “When there’s only one Donald Trump candidate in the race, Republicans are excited to vote for me. We’re sick and tired of the dynasties and political insiders. We want citizens running citizens’ lives.”

He said the victory is a result of “hard work,” visiting groups across the state, and a reflection of support from a broad range of Republican voters in Adams County, who are dissatisfied with politics-as-usual.

Barlock pointed out that with 30 percent of the vote at the general assembly in April, he’d gain access to the GOP primary ballot.


The Colorado Republican Party did not conduct an official tally of gubernatorial preferences among caucus-goers Tuesday, but some county Republican committees held their own informal votes, and the winner so far is State Treasurer Walker Stapleton, judging from GOP county Facebook posts with the results.

Pueblo County Republicans selected Stapleton with 46 percent, choosing former lawmaker Victor Mitchell second at 24 percent. Next was Greg Lopez at 16 percent.

Attorney General Cynthia Coffman finished fourth with 8 percent (And her name was misspelled in the final count as “Kaufman.”).

For Treasurer, state lawmaker Justin Everett won in Pueblo with 40 percent.

Sixty-one percent Boulder County Republicans at their caucus went for Stapleton 61 percent. Coffman finished a distant second with 20 percent, followed by Mitt Romney nephew Doug Robinson at 6 percent. Mitchell was fourth with four percent, tied with former Colorado Trump campaign chair Steve Barlock.

In a straw poll of Douglas County Republicans, with low turnout, Walker Stapleton got all but one vote, according to a Dougco County GOP Facebook post.

On the Democratic side, Cary Kennedy was the choice of 50 percent of the Democratic caucus-goers statewide, while U.S. Rep. Jared Polis took 33 percent, followed by Mike Johnston with nine percent, according to totals released by the Colorado Democratic Party this week.