Colorado Springs Republican Karl Schneider says his experience in Africa will help him cut deals at the state Capitol if he wins his primary-election bid to unseat State Rep. Dave Williams.

“I know how to build rapport,” Schneider told KVOR radio host Jeff Crank, also a Republican, on Saturday. “We wanted to use some land in Africa one time, and I had to eat fish head soup. I had to eat fish eyeballs. So I’ll work with folks in Denver, and I’ll make them eat fish head soup.”

On air, Schneider launched a series of blistering attacks against his GOP opponent, Williams, who declined KVOR’s offer to appear on the Jeff Crank Show Saturday. 

“A lot of the people I’ve talked to haven’t seen our representative out and about, talking to them and listening to their issues,” said Schneider. “I will be present in House District 15 and I will be an advocate for you.”

“The incumbent is really not here in our house district,” explained Schneider on air. “He’s busy on FOX news. He’s busy traveling to Washington DC. He’s probably interviewing for a job there. I will be present in the district.”

Schneider said he’s a “rabid” Second Amendment supporter, he’s pro-life, he’s against tax increases, and he’s anti-illegal immigration.

“I’m probably more conservative than Dave,” Schneider said.

Williams, who is widely regarded as an arch-conservative, did not immediately return a call seeking comment. Williams is completing his first term as representative for House District 15, which, before Williams, sent State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, a far-right Republican known as “Dr. Chaps,” to the state Capitol.

Williams has received national attention for his proposed legislation that would hold lawmakers, who vote for sanctuary-city protections, personally responsible for crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. House Democrats have repeatedly killed this bill.