Former Republican congressional candidate Jeff Crank, a Colorado talk radio host who was once chief operating officer for Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity, is boycotting companies that severed partnerships with the NRA, the calcified anti-gun-safety organization, after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

Below is the list of companies Crank is boycotting.

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“15 companies for me to boycott,” tweeted Crank.

So that’s 15 companies for us to support.

1. @MetLife
2. @symantec
3. @BestWestern
4. @Wyndham
5. @Alamo
6. @NationalPro
7. @Enterprise
8. @FNBOmaha
9. @Hertz
10. @Budget
11. @Avis
12. @NortonOnline
13. @northAmericanVL
14. @SimpliSafe
15. @ChubbNA#BoycottNRA