After her stance on abortion came under scrutiny by multiple conservative radio hosts, gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Coffman is now refusing to appear on KNUS’ Craig Silverman show, according to fellow KNUS host Chuck Bonniwell, who’s also publisher of the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle. 

Bonniwell: You’ve got the weird Cynthia Coffman deal, where she’s running but she’s not running. She has now come out as a pro-choice candidate—even though she used to run as a pro-life candidate, but she doesn’t want to be labeled. And she gave an interview to Karen — a caller here who has now made her own kind of radio, kind of outfit – who ripped her a new one. And now, so [she] won’t even come on [KNUS’] Craig Silverman Show, even though he’d be kind to her. I mean, it’s bizarre! I mean, but I’d imagine, if you’re Tom [Tancredo] you’d want to keep her in. You know, you’d – “Hey! Give her some money!” You know? Keep her in! Because she’ll split votes off – far more from Walker Stapleton than she would from Tom.

Silverman has migrated further and further to the right in recent years, backing Trump, trashing Obama initiatives, and being fully embraced by right-leaning conservatives. He’s participated in the Western Conservative Summit, and he broadcasted with KNUS’ Dan Caplis from the White House this year.

Neither Silverman nor Caplis returned an email requesting a comment on Coffman.

Caplis reacted angrily last month when he found out that Coffman was identified as pro-choice by CBS4 political specialist Shaun Boyd. Caplis said she’d not have won her race to become attorney general if she’d have let GOP voters know she was pro-choice.

Later, Boyd asked Coffman’s campaign if it wanted to correct Boyd’s characterization of Coffman as pro-choice. Coffman’s campaign told Boyd it didn’t want a correction.

Yet, Coffman later told a radio station that she was neither pro-choice nor pro-life and rejects labels on the issue, implying that she favors abortion in some instances, at least, and likely putting her closer the pro-choice group.