On KNUS 710-AM Friday, host Dan Caplis announced, the “big news from Channel 4” that “Cynthia Coffman is now pro-choice.”

In fact, in a report Friday on Coffman’s entrance into Colorado’s gubernatorial race, CBS4 political specialist Shaun Boyd reported that Coffman “is pro-choice and pro-gay rights.”

“It looks like the Coffman campaign has not tried to correct that,” observed Caplis. And indeed the report remains uncorrected.

Yet, Caplis could not accept that Coffman is pro-choice, but if she is, he said, he won’t support her.

“She would not be the Republican attorney general of Colorado if she had come out as pro-abortion,” said Caplis. “She would not be in that position.”

“If she is now, as Channel 4 reports, pro-abortion, was she pro-abortion then and lied about it in order to get elected attorney general?” Caplis continued.  (Listen here, Nov. 10 hour one.)

CBS4 did not air footage or audio of Coffman saying she’s pro-choice. Instead, it was reported by Boyd, who did not immediately return a call for comment.

Another KNUS radio host, Randy Corporon, joined Caplis to denounce Coffman’s position.

“If she’s willing to waver on, for me, a fundamental foundational principle, just because she thinks Colorado has gotten more and more blue, I can’t support her,” said KNUS’ Randy Corporon, who’s a founder of the Arapahoe County Tea Party. “… I’ve been around her many times over the years, where all sorts of different conversations have come up, and I’ve never left with the impression that she was anything but pro-life.”

Craig Silverman, Caplis’ guest co-host Friday, speculated on air about the impact of Coffman’s pro-choice stance on her dissolving marriage with U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO).

Silverman: She running while she’s in the middle of a divorce with Mike Coffman. Is Mike Coffman pro-life?”

Caplis: “He’s a champion, a total champion for life.”

Silverman: “Do you think this is part of the reason they are getting divorced?”

Caplis: “I have no eartly idea.”

In the 2016 Colorado Senate race, former Colorado State University Athletic Director Jack Graham took a pro-choice stance, but lost to anti-choice Darryl Glenn, an El Paso County Commissioner who denounced Roe v. Wade. All other candidates in that primary took staunch anti-abortion positions.

Other Republicans in Colorado, like U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, have taken extreme anti-choice stances as they build their careers and during GOP primaries, and have tried to look more moderate, by abandoning personhood abortion bans, for example, during the general election.