Dozens of local kids and their moms with Colorado Moms Know Best (CMKB) thanked Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) for his action that will protect the future health and wellbeing of Colorado’s children. Through an executive order, the Governor recently pledged the state’s commitment to cleaner air and climate action.

The executive order highlights specific goals such as reducing greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions and increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy use.

CMKB Head Mom Jen Clanahan explained it this way:

“As moms, rewarding good behavior with treats comes naturally to us,” as she gave the Governor a basket of candy. “Our number one concern is our children so we do everything in our power to ensure the best environment for our kids, whether that’s the school they go to, their safety or the very air they breathe.

 The American Lung Association State of the Air Report 2017 gives ten Colorado counties, including most of the Denver metro area, a failing grade for our air quality. Pollution leads to respiratory and other ailments, and children are one of the groups most at risk of the impacts of poor air quality. 

Due to the serious impacts of pollution on children’s lungs, CMKB had asked the Governor and Lt. Governor to act on behalf of Colorado kids. Moms had sent letters, signed petitions, and called and stopped by the Governor’s office with pleas for strong leadership on the issue.

“The stakes are too high and we can’t do it all alone so we count on our elected officials to protect public health. Governor Hickenlooper’s actions show that he is serious about his declaration that Colorado should have the cleanest air in the country. We’re counting on him to follow through with the state’s commitments and today we pledge our support to take the necessary steps to do so,” continued Clanahan.

Colorado Moms Know Best is a network of parents standing up for children by protecting Colorado’s outdoors and quality of life, especially our clean air.