Raymond Garcia is the man the GOP trots out every other year to be a sacrificial lamb in the race for state House District 1. He’s a big advocate of the police, as you can see here from a Facebook post a while back:

Good question, actually, “why does the color of the officer’s skin make any difference”? Note that he calls Michael Brown a “criminal” despite the fact that he had not been accused of a crime at the time he was killed.

Fast-forward to a week or so ago, when a cop from Somalia gunned down a white Australian woman. How would Garcia react to this? If the color of the skin doesn’t matter, then he should defend the cop, right? At least until the facts are known:

Well look at that. Garcia—staunch defender of police—is absolutely certain that the cop is guilty and even suggests the death penalty for the officer.

No waiting for the facts to come in. No benefit of the doubt granted to the cop. The victim, after all, is a white woman, and the cop is a Muslim.  The Denver County GOP Chair Jake Viano also chimed in:

Oh what a difference some skin pigment makes. Raymond is right about one thing though: “The racism in this country is beyond acceptable”.