Hate fake news and want to support independent journalism? Come out and support the Colorado Independent this Friday at 8 p.m. at the Mercury Café in Denver, where you can dance and drink with The Independent’s award-wining staff and supporters from across the state.

Also, they will be selling dances with Mike Littwin, a well-known Denver columnist, and toasting editor Susan Greene for her 50th birthday. Click here for more information and tickets.

The Colorado Independent is a “statewide online news source operating in a time when spin in plentiful, but factual, fair and unflinching news in the public interest is all too rare.” In this age of fake news, the Indy seeks to honestly report on significant events and people, while also moving away form monopolized mass media outlets.

The news outlet takes on the hard stories while remaining objective, calling out Democrats and Republicans alike when they fail in their responsibilities. It has built a credible source for Colorado news that fills the gap created by declining local media outlets.

The Independent is also asking for donations in able to continue to write about important topics such as the environment, social and criminal justice, Denver’s changing landscape, healthcare and, of course Colorado politics.