The Chaffee County Republicans recently shared a video, along with comments, on their Facebook page commenting on the Democratic party and their relationship with African Americans.

They specifically made these comments:

“Democrats have been keeping blacks on the plantation for years so they can trot them out when they need a demonstration to take the focus off how badly they are doing or just another ploy to gain more power.  It’s very sad the way Democrats have treated black people by keeping them economically disadvantaged, by keeping them uneducated and breaking down their families. The Democratic programs for blacks have primarily been a ruse to transfer wealth to handlers like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and Corrine Brown, who keep the false rhetoric of hope and change going to their black pawns while lining their own pockets.

It has worked well as the Democratic (Socialist) party has been playing this game for years and has been able to count on the black vote for a few crumbs of bread-with Trump black people will really get ‘hope & change’.”

The GOP comments aren’t completely in line with the video, titled “Why Did The Democratic South Become Republican?” and shared by Chaffee County Republicans. It was produced by Prager U, an 501(c)3 non-profit entity (not a university), described as “an online resource,” founded and directed by author and conservative talk radio host, Dennis Prager.

The video questions the veracity of the “Southern Strategy” theory, which posits that in order to grow GOP voter rolls in the South and thereby win elections, the Republican Party recruited white racist voters by embracing segregationist policies and opposing civil rights initiatives during the 1960s.

Featuring Carol Swain, a Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University, the PragerU video frames the historical perspective of the GOP’s “Southern Strategy” as a myth.  Professor Swain argues that lingering racism and opposition to civil rights did not cause Southern whites to migrate to the Republican Party. Instead, Swain suggests that the switch was engendered by economic and class affiliations, rather than racial.

The Chaffee County Republican Party did not immediately respond to this question, submitted via its website: Do you think Democrats should also be jailed for their treatment of African Americans, like slave holders would be today?

Jason Salzman contributed to this post.