A coalition of Colorado grassroots groups launched a website Tuesday where constituents can find rankings for their state representatives.

ColoradoValues.org ranks each legislator’s voting record based on a handful of progressive issues and compiles them to give one “Colorado values” score.

The final score includes rankings from One Colorado, an LGBTQ advocacy group, Conservation Colorado, the Colorado Education Association, the union group Colorado AFL-CIO, the Women’s Lobby of Colorado, the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, and Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado.

Here are some key findings from the compiled scorecards:

  • Several legislators received failing grades across the board, including State Senators Tim Neville and Kevin Lundberg and State Representatives Justin Everett, Tim Leonard, Kim Ransom, and Stephen Humphrey.
  • Three quarters of the legislature took at least one vote in support of LGBTQ rights.
  • When it comes to immigrant rights, State Sen. Tim Neville (R-Castle Rock) and State Rep. Dave Williams (R-Colorado Springs) had notably poor records. They both sponsored anti-sanctuary legislation, which was ultimately unsuccessful.
  • More Democratic legislators received perfect scores from NARAL than ever before, reflecting the pro-choice majority in Colorado.
  • In terms of voting against the interests of Colorado women, State Representatives Justin Everett (R-Littleton) and Tim Leonard (R-Evergreen) stand out for their poor records. Neville and Rep. Lori Saine (R-Firestone), who sponsored an anti-abortion mega-bill that would have provided women seeking abortions with misinformation, also received low scores from the League of Women Voters, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood.
  • Several GOP legislators voted against the environment 100% of the time, including Neville and State Sen. Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs) and State Representatives Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock) and Kim Ransom (R-Littleton).
  • Republican State Rep. Dan Thurlow of Grand Junction got a shoutout from One Colorado for having a perfect score on LGBTQ equality.

To see how your representatives stack up, go to ColoradoValues.org and enter your zip code.