I ran across this post by Pueblo County Republican chair Marla Reichert and it seemed fishy to me.

The USA annually provides more than 3 billion dollars in aid to Israel.  The math doesn’t appear to add up. I did what any person who wants the facts would do.  I clicked on the link.

The link brings to to the homepage of insidegov.com, which has a feature that allows you to compare foreign aid between countries. I selected Israel and Palestine:

Which brought me to this conclusion:

It didn’t take long for me to spot the problem: someone made a mistake and put “millions” where “billions” should be under the Israel tab.  Just to make sure, I went ahead and looked at official government disbursement figures.

As you can see, the number is in the billions, not millions, but when you hate the former president so much it makes it easy to overlook such an obvious error. When adjusted, the amount per person becomes $160.00 per Israeli and the attack on President Obama falls apart. Hatred, it seems, is the seed of willful ignorance.