Ran across this post by Raymond Garcia, the 2016 GOP candidate for Colorado State House District 1. Setting aside the laughable claim that “liberals…are having a harder and harder time trying to find something bad about President Trump,” let’s see if we can get to the bottom of the claims of this headline.

The claim that “Obama abandoned CIA officer for 7 years” is pretty startling. It also isn’t true. You won’t see this in the article Garcia links to, but if you click through to the Fox News article the story is based on you find this:

A former senior intelligence official told Fox News, though, that “there was an extensive effort by the entire U.S. government to push the Italians to pardon these individuals,” and the allegation that the former CIA director abandoned U.S. personnel is unfounded.

So the central claim that “Obama abandoned” the CIA officer is false. Not just false, but if you go read about the story in a more legitimate newspaper like the Washington Post or the New York Times you find out that the Obama Administration had successfully intervened to get charges dropped for some of the other individuals that had been charged with the crime.

Had she gone to prison, Ms. de Sousa, would have been the first former C.I.A. operative to serve time in prison outside the United States over the controversial rendition program. Two of the Americans convicted along with her have been pardoned, and a third had his sentence reduced.

So when you see Garcia write that liberals “made up” stuff, it is likely a very clear case of projection. As you can see, Garcia is promoting a “made up” lie that Obama “abandoned” officer DeSousa.