Colorado Common Cause will host a happy hour and discussion Thursday, April 6, on “Fighting Fake News in the Digital Age.”

“We’ve all seen it before,” states Colorado Common Cause’s Facebook page promoting the event. “Our neighbor, uncle, or friend posts something on a social media site that is factually inaccurate. How should we react? Can we agree on what is truth and what is fiction? And how do we combat ‘fake news’ at a time when this term is thrown around so casually?”

The event takes place Thursday, April 6, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Irish Snug, 1201 East Colfax Ave. The program starts at 5:30.

Liberty advocate Ari Armstrong will lead the discussion along with yours truly. Among other things, we’ll discuss the Fake News Pledge. (Armstrong opposes it.)

By signing the pledge, lawmakers and citizens promise not to spread information, packaged somehow to look like news, on Facebook if it’s “deemed false or inaccurate by Snopes, Politifact,, or by a respected news outlet.” If such information is accidentally posted, it will be removed unless “detailed reasons for not deleting it” are provided.

RSVP via Colorado Common Cause’s Facebook-event page or by emailing [email protected].