Jeanette Vizguerra, mother of four, was forced into sanctuary at the First Unitarian Church Wednesday morning. Following an eight year battle to remain with her family in the country, Vizguerra’s stay of removal was denied by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

Vizguerra has vowed to remain in sanctuary until her pending U-visa is fully adjudicated. A U-visa is a nonimmigrant visa granted to those who are victims of crime and have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse. As a longtime client of Meyer Law Office, Vizguerra has complied fully with all conditions of five prior stays of removal.

Principle of Meyers Law office and Vizguerra’s attorney, Hans Meyer, characterized the case as an injustice:

“By denying Jeanette’s stay of removal, ICE made it abundantly clear that they had no intention of respecting longstanding guidelines calling for specific action when processing stay of removal applications for individuals with pending U visa claims. The Trump administration is bullying a victim of crime and a mother of four. Jeanette’s case is Exhibit A in the brutality of Trump’s immigration enforcement plans, plain and simple.”

Julie Gonzales, Meyer Law Office policy director, continued:

“What is clear here is that immigrants are no longer safe in the Trump administration. Immigrants who are worried about their cases should consult with a trusted immigration attorney. We are also encouraging immigrants to make a plan with their family members and loved ones on what to do in case of any contact with law enforcement or immigration officials. Now, more than ever, we need to protect each other.”

Meyer concluded his statement thanking those who are aiding Vizguerra in staying with her family:

“We offer our thanks to the good people at the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition, American Friends Service Committee, elected officials who have spoken out in support of her case, and all of Jeanette’s loved ones and friends. Most importantly, we extend our deepest gratitude to Jeanette Vizguerra herself. It is an honor to work for justice alongside you.”