Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton will not say if he’s running for governor next year because, if he did so, “any common sense you’re trying to make when it comes to legislation goes completely out the window and people reflexively don’t want to have anything to do with you.”

Stapleton made the comment Thursday on KNUS-710 AM, but hosts Steve Kelley and Krista Kafer didn’t ask whether nonstop rumors about a possible run have the same effect.

Stapleton said it’s a “shame” that declared candidates are treated this way, but there are too many things he’d “like to try to get accomplished for the state of Colorado this legislative session.”

Stapleton, a Republican, told the conservative host he’ll sit on the sidelines and wait for others to announce their gubernatorial intentions.

“I’m keeping my head down for now, we’ll let others announce,” he said (sound below).

Despite Stapleton’s evasiveness, Kelley complimented Stapleton for not being “evasive at all.”

“Someone a long time ago who’s been quite successful in this business told me some great advice and that is, ‘Keep your head down and do your job, and people will appreciate it and recognize you for it.'”

Stapleton could have been referring to experienced politicians in his own family. Stapleton is the second cousin of former President George W. Bush and of failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush. Jeb’s and W’s father, and Stapleton’s first cousin, is former President George Herbert Walker Bush, with “Walker” as the lineage connecting Walker Stapleton to the Bushes.