A rally opposing Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, is set for noon Thurs., Feb. 2, at the Byron White Federal Courthouse, 1823 Stout Street in Denver.

ProgressNow Colorado announced the event today on the Facebook page, No Justice, No Seat, states:

Gorsuch’s fringe views on health care and contraception make him an enemy of Colorado women. On the Supreme Court, Gorsuch would be a vote to roll back women’s rights, environmental protections, and hard-won protections against discrimination in the workplace. Gorsuch has even been endorsed by the founder of the National Organization for Marriage, an anti-LGBT extremist group. Gorsuch may hail from Colorado, but his record stands in opposition to Colorado values.

The simple fact is that this Supreme Court appointment was stolen from President Obama last year in a shameful act of Republican treachery. No Democrat should in any way cooperate with or otherwise enable Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination, including Colorado Democrats. To do so would only hand Trump another undeserved victory.

Gorsuch has the support of some Denver conservatives, including former U.S. Attorney Mike Norton, who has represented the ardent anti-abortion organization Alliance Defending Freedom.