Progressives were likely shocked to read Charles Buchanan’s recent post about a Republican, who’s running for GOP vice chair of El Paso county, who actually walked out of church when his priest apparently made critical comments about Trump’s ban.

“As the priest talked about the gospel, he talked about letting different people into our city,” wrote Joshua Hosler on Facebook. “He tied in the current events of the temporary suspension of certain countries immigration. And I walked out. ”

Hosler wrote that it was a “difficult day,” because usually Sunday church is a time of “centering, of calming, of peace with God.”

It turns out Hosler’s opponent in his race to be El Paso Country GOP vice chair is former Colorado Springs State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, who’s a chaplain.

Asked for his response Hosler’s Facebook post, Klingenschmitt wrote via email:

Klingenschmitt: Although we’re both running for vice-chair, Josh Hosler is my friend. I find his choice to walk out of church interesting.  His feelings represent the struggle many Christians have verbalizing immigration issues. I think it’s the state’s job to thoroughly vet immigrants, and the church’s job to care for those legally allowed in. It’s quite Biblical for President Trump to enforce American borders, because: 1)  Proverbs 22 says we should not move the ancient boundary stones, 2) God commanded Nehemiah and Ezra to build a wall to protect the vulnerable, and 3) Jesus describes heaven as a place with pearly gates and a big wall and extreme vetting to get in. America is like heaven. No wonder so many wish to come here.