On Facebook, Andy Peth is promoting his campaign for Arapahoe County GOP chair as follows:

Peth: In running for Arapahoe County GOP Chair, I hope to bring skills in organization, messaging, leadership, outreach, and training.

But most of all, I want to bring perspective.

Consider the following problems: Gang killings, drug dealing, looting, Islamic terrorist acts, cop-killing, illegal voting, stealing political signs—lawlessness in all its forms.

Now tell me this: How many people doing these things are Republicans? Or Tea Partiers? Libertarians? Christian Right? Those dreaded “RINO’s?” Virtually none. In nearly all cases, lawless Americans prefer the Democrat Party—usually heavily.

So when I look at groups on the Right, I can’t help thinking, “We have faults and power plays, but if all Americans were like us, it would be paradise! Virtually no crime! Or killing! Or election fraud! I’m not just being Mr. Positive. I’m being honest. What a great family!”

But our family has a glaring weakness: We don’t like each other. Never—and I mean never—have I seen so much hate among so many good people. There’s no perspective. Every offense produces an exaggerated response, with people saying, “They’re as bad as the Democrats!”

Ummm…no they aren’t. If you think your GOP rivals are equal to Democrats, then you’ve lost objectivity. Trust me on this; I was raised in the Left. There’s no comparison.

Via the Facebook comments under this post, I asked Peth, who’s co-founder of The Party of Choice, if he really thinks so many of our shared problems would disappear of everyone suddenly became a Republican.

Peth responded:

Peth: Jason, as a former Marxist myself, I firmly believe if more people embraced the conservative ideals of individual responsibility and liberty protected–not imposed–virtually all our problems would be resolved.

Furthermore, I believe it is people like you–whom I suspect to be loaded with potential and high hopes for your fellow man–who could easily embrace true liberty and help lead the way.