When you want to imply something that isn’t true, how do you do it? You do it with a misleading headline, of course. Here we have 630-AM KHOW’s Michael Brown, radio host and infamously inept and under-qualified head of FEMA under the George W. Bush administration, showing how it’s done:


See that? Rather than actually quoting Obama, the headline implies he said something which he clearly did not if you bother watching the video that this links to.

No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these last eight years.

See that? By removing “foreign terrorist organization” Brown and his producer have implied that Obama lied, when in fact right after this quote Obama goes on to list and lament the successful homegrown terrorist attacks that have occurred.

As a general rule, if your headline doesn’t match the story or information you link to, you are just creating propaganda, not news. Adding the “come again?” quote by your producer further implies something that isn’t true.

I suppose if he had legitimate criticisms of President Obama, Michael wouldn’t need to mislead his audience, but it appears Brownie can’t find any of these, so he resorts to creating fake news.  I won’t hold my breath waiting for a correction…