All the people who posted the following on Facebook are big Donald Trump supporters who presumably found it just fine that he admitted to sexually assaulting women.

Casper Stockham, former GOP congressional candidate, is very concerned about women dressing up as vaginas to make a point during the women’s march on January 21st.

Got that? It’s not Christian to put on a costume to make a point about women’s rights, but electing a man who sexually assaults women is apparently just fine with Jesus.

Casper also posted this gem, in which he apparently proclaims menstruation as “ungodly”.

For a man concerned about women’s dignity, it’s kind of fascinating that Casper would pass on this post by rock star Ted Nugent, who has said Hillary Clinton should “ride” his machine gun and is a “worthless bitch.” Below, he calls the women marchers “subhuman mongrels” which is apparently language Casper approves of.

Another fine representative of the GOP, failed candidate for state representative Raymond Garcia, whose unhinged attacks are well documented, is also very concerned about the vagina costumes.

Here he claims what Trump did was merely say “pussy” in a private conversation (He actually said he grabs women without their consent.).

JoAnn Windholz is not a stranger to controversy.  She is a former GOP state legislator who insinuated on Facebook that the Planned Parenthood shooter was justified in the attack that killed three people in Colorado Springs.  She’s apparently very concerned about the dignity of women.

Not to be outdone is Gordon Klingenshcmitt, a former GOP State Representative and now a candidate for El Paso County GOP Vice-Chair.  He shared the post below. Should we assume “Dr. Chaps” is not against grabbing women “by the pussy” without their consent?

Among the reactions to over four million women getting out and marching for their rights, this one by former GOP State Rep. J. Paul Brown stood out. Nothing says “respect for women” like calling them “fat”.

You might think that a “statesman” like Brown would scold College Republicans for this sort of disrespectful language towards women, but that’s the modern GOP, folks.