drake-castration-meme-1-2017Richard Drake, the chair of the Saguache County, Colorado, Republican Party, has apparently removed a meme from his Facebook page depicting a castration device with the statement, “Make’em think twice before entering the ladies room. Share if you know what these are used for.”

Drake’s decision to delete the meme came after the Colorado Times Recorder first reported that he’d shared the image on his Facebook page.

LGBTQ rights advocates, including One Colorado, spoke out aganst the meme, pointing out that one in ten transgender people report being physically accosted last year, and about half say they were verbally harassed.

Last year, Delta County, Colorado, Chair Linda Sorenson resigned in the wake of an uproar over a meme she shared on her Facebook page. The meme compared Obama to a chimpanzee.

A call today to the number listed for Drake on the Saguache County GOP website was not returned. Neither were previous calls and an email to Drake, who was elected to his position by fellow Republicans in Saguache County.