We all know January 20 will be THE GREATEST inauguration in the history of inaugurations. Ever. Period. Just tremendous.

However, if you happen to be one of the pathetic losers that isn’t so keen on witnessing Trump, get out there and do something else!    

Here are some fun alternatives:

Enjoy the weather, go outside and scream until you pass out. Contact your neighborhood dealer to get the rad inaugural deals on prescriptions you will no longer be able to afford… or just treat yourself.

Get a spray tan. Fashion experts have been saying, “Orange is the new white.”

Many folks say family projects can be good bonding and a way to get your mind off our impending national doom. Try gilding your toilet. Start learning Russian, it might come in handy in president elect Puti– I mean Trump’s… new administration.  

If you’re the more active, restless type, act to resist the new administration. Participate in the national strike on Jan. 20. Starting at 9 am there will be a protest at the state capitol. Take a self defense class, whether you personally feel unsafe, or want to learn skills to protect loved ones.

Donate to or volunteer with some of the many organizations fighting for progressive reforms. There is a list here. Donate here to the antifascist legal defense fund. Donate or volunteer to aid refugees.  Join a Rapid Response Network and offer your skills in solidarity with working class struggles.

However you decide to spend your day, remember, no work,  no school, no shopping. Bring the country to a standstill, show Trump we won’t just roll over. #disruptJ20