“I’m sure at Colorado Christian University, there are a lot of safe spaces right now,” said KLZ radio’s Dan Meurer in introducing an interview segment with guest host Jenna Ellis, an assistant professor of legal studies and leadership at CCU.

“No, there are not, and if any of my students wear a safety pin and ask for a safe space, I will tear it off them and fail them in my class,” replied Ellis, with a partial laugh. “And they know it too. We have no snowflakes on campus.”

“I love Colorado Christian University,” responded Meurer.

Ellis declined a request to explain or discuss her radio comments.

CCU is a private Christian University in Lakewood. It houses the Centennial Institute, a conservative think tank.

Ellis joined CCU last year as affiliate faculty, while still practicing law, and this year she became “full faculty,” as she develops CCU’s “Legal Studies Program, geared to best prepare students for success and ministry in law school and legal practice,” according to the CCU website.

The university website describes Ellis as a “Christian attorney,” who has “endeavored to contribute to the biblical worldview of law, specifically Constitutional law.”

“As a professor of legal studies and leadership courses, Dr. Ellis’s view is that biblical Truth is where we begin, and integrate the learning of law and leadership into our Christian worldview,” states the CCU website.

Ellis is the author of The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution: A Guide for Christians to Understand America’s Constitutional Crisis, a book that “discusses why all law is inherently moral and the legal reasons that Christians can advocate for biblical morals within Constitutional law,” according to the CCU website.

After Trump’s victory last month, CCU President Don Sweeting issued a statement, which read, in part, “We acknowledge that the sphere of politics, while very important, is not of ultimate importance. The gospel of Jesus Christ must always be our first message. Our ultimate hope is the kingdom of God.”