An assistant professor of legal studies at Colorado Christian University apologized yesterday for “any offense” she might have caused in stating during a radio show Wednesday that she’d fail students who “wear a safety pin and ask for a safe space.” She also said on air that she’d “tear” safety pins from students.

“I would like to apologize and clarify the comments I made while co-hosting KLZ 560 talk radio this week in my personal capacity, and not on behalf of Colorado Christian University. I certainly did not intend to offend anyone, and my comments were not intended to be taken literally,” said Jenna Ellis, an assistant professor of legal studies and leadership at CCU in a statement. “Please accept my genuine apology for any offense I might have caused. CCU is an institution that values free thinking, discussion, debate, tough questions, and our students are encouraged to think critically and creatively.”

Asked by KLZ radio host Dan Meurer Nov. 30 if there were “safe spaces” at CCU, Ellis said:

“No, there are not, and if any of my students wear a safety pin and ask for a safe space, I will tear it off them and fail them in my class,” replied Ellis, with a partial laugh. “And they know it too. We have no snowflakes on campus.”

Ellis’ comments refer to safety pins worn being worn by some people in the wake of the presidential election, symbolizing support for groups, such as Muslims and undocumented immigrants, who have said they feel threatened by Trump.

CCU, which is located in Lakewood, does not hide its conservative orientation, with past leaders coming from the Republican Party. But it’s also known for holding open and public debates –via its Centennial Institute and elsewhere–about current political issues.