To the editor:

It’s time to get something done.

I enthusiastically endorse Jenise May  (Adams County Senate District 27) and Daniel Kagan (Denver/Arapahoe County) in the Colorado Senate legislative races. They both bring commonsense values and the ability to get things done in a highly polarized environment at the Capitol.

Both are effective advocates for quality public schools, affordable higher education, affordable housing, dignity for everyone and for developing well-paying jobs while balancing the state budget.

Jenise and Daniel also trust women to make their own decisions about health care, based on medical information, their own lives and their families’ needs.

Government doesn’t belong in private health decisions.

We need a Colorado State Senate that will inspire positive change and progress, not send us back in time toward inequality, barriers to health care, and misunderstanding across communities.

Please vote – for candidates that will move us not only forward – but together.


Vicki Cowart
CEO, Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado