screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-11-09-17-amRaymond Garcia, who is running against Colorado State Rep. Susan Lontine, expressed in a Facebook post last week that he hopes Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is hanged.

“Well… We can HOPE,” commented Garcia on a meme quoting Hillary Clinton, apparently erroneously, as saying, “If that fuckin bastard wins, we’re all going to hang from nooses. You better fix this shit.”

When called for comment, Garcia said his post was intended as a joke, but he declined to clarify if he actually thinks Clinton should be hanged. He simply said “I do hope she’s brought to justice.”

Garcia, who often posts controversial material to Facebook, also said he doesn’t see how his Clinton post could be interpreted as condoning violence against the Democratic candidate, and that he can’t control other people’s perceptions of what he posts to social media.

He added that everything he posts to Facebook “is pretty much a joke.”

On Facebook last week, Garcia also shared this meme, which pictures an inmate from the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” saying she calls “dibs” on Hillary:


While it’s not necessarily explicit, this post carries the connotation of Clinton being sexually assaulted in prison. When asked what he meant by it, Garcia wouldn’t explain his interpretation of the post, but rather said “it’s supposed to be comical.”