Derrick Wilburn, Colorado GOP Vice-Chair doesn’t seem to like primary sources. I had to click through four articles to find a primary source, and it turns out he is wrong about everything he claims the Department of Justice is doing. Click on the Swamp Thing icons to see how wrong.

Plainly, Derrick Wilburn and the article get everything wrong about this directive. This becomes clear if you click through to the original source and analyze the reasoning, which I don’t believe Wilburn did. This is a guy who has cited insane conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his FaceBook page.

The larger question I have is this:  Why is the Vice-Chair of the Colorado Republican Party going out of his way to hinder successful re-entry into society by individuals who have committed (and paid for) their crimes? This is a classic example of “punching down”, and it isn’t a good look for someone representing the Colorado GOP.