In an exchange emblematic of the tension among Colorado Republicans over whether to back Trump at the national convention this week, a pair of KNUS talk show hosts got in an on-air shouting match this week.

KNUS host Dan Caplis and Randy Corpororon (former host of “Wake Up” on KLZ, 560am and frequent guest host on KNUS) represent opposite sides of the debate, and Corporon called in to Caplis’ show from the RNC, where he was attending as a delegate for Ted Cruz.

Their debate ran over into other shows in the KNUS line-up, with hosts Peter Boyles and Chuck Bonniwell joining Caplis to pile on Corporon, and declaring a window of this week where hating on their colleague would be acceptable, and apparently encouraged.

In their exchange, airing originally on Caplis’ show and repeated various times on the Peter Boyles Show (the source of the audio provided in this post), Caplis voiced his support for unity around a Trump nomination, and accused Corporon of conspiring with Kendall Unruh to minimize and misrepresent a broader support for Trump among Coloradans and the delegates:

Think about what you’re saying!  You’re saying, to protect the voters of Colorado against themselves — what you’re saying is, “Those dummies would have voted for somebody other than Ted Cruz, who wouldn’t have even been around at the convention.  So we were protecting these poor, dumb voters from themselves!” That’s what you’re really saying!

Corporon explained that he and other delegates did not want to be bound so early in the process to someone who might not even be in the race.  Caplis responded with indignation:

Why not let the voters decide?  Who the – pardon the expression, especially with the boss here.  I might get fired for this, but, who the hell are you to make that decision for the people?  “We didn’t want the people to be bound.”  Who the hell are you?  Let the people decide!  Isn’t that what our soldiers fought and died for – so the people could decide?  But, no! You guys – the wise men and women – you know better than the voters, so unlike every other state in the country you took the vote away from the people, you handed all of the delegates to your buddy, Ted Cruz.  And then when he didn’t win, you threw a tantrum to help Hillary Clinton!  Yeah!  Nice!  Well done!

Randy Corporon opined that Caplis was referring to the Colorado Republican Party’s alleged manipulations of delegates at the state assembly.  At the assembly, a controversial tweet from the official Colorado GOP Twitter account was posted, stating “We did it. #nevertrump.”  Chairman Steve House has since claimed that the account was hacked and the investigation and lawsuit to reveal the sender is ongoing.

Caplis continued in his on-air rant against Corporon:

No!  I’m talking about you, defending this crock of crap!  That’s what I’m talking about!  You’re the guy on air defending this ultimate insider job against the people!  You know, if you weren’t defending this, I wouldn’t be calling you out on it!

Listen to the audio here: