CoveredHQ rolled out a new messaging tool to help inform both consumers and stakeholders on health insurance related issues. To further their goal of educating the public about health insurance, CoveredHQ has created a different health insurance “theme” for each month of the year and provides helpful resources relating to the given theme.

Monthly themes include free preventative services, managing chronic conditions, Medicaid in Colorado, emergency info, shopping for health plans, and open enrollment. The messaging tool is unique because it provides resources for both consumers and stakeholders on any given topic of the month. Consumers can access information directly though the site, or the information can be passed down through providers and employers. Included in each month’s theme is a section for useful consumer information, stakeholder information, a sample newsletter on the topic, social media suggestions, and links to related outside resources.

CoveredHQ is organized and operated by Colorado Consumer Health Initiative that aims to increase accessibility and quality of coverage to all Coloradans. For more information on the messaging tool, click here.